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This is where you'll find comments about the site from the people who have visited us.  BTW, you'll find some comments from former WFIL and WIBG air talent lurking on this page...How COOL IS THAT?

I just got the link to your site & am just starting to read through it. It looks fabulous so far.
Rochelle Rabin

This site has real potential! Finally a site about classic Philly Top Forty Radio
Jeff Demko

Thank you for beating me to the punch (putting up this site)!
Ron Turner

Just visited (your site)... it's great! A whole lot of good work. Thanks for the mention of my site. Great stuff!
Gary Brooks
Former WIBG Air Performer

Nice job, guys - good to see a listing like this one. Aside from bringing back many memories, it gives well deserved credit to the Philly market, which, at that time, was arguably the finest radio market in the country. Thanks again for the site - I'll see if I can gather some additional info for you.
Jim Nettleton
Former WFIL Air Talent

This is a great site!!! I have sent it to all of my friends.
Neil Feldbaum High Point, NC

This site is very cool! Hope you have fun with it. Best to you and the site!
Bob Hamilton
Former WFIL/WIBG Air Talent

This is great! There's lots of "check" sites, but one dedicated to 'IBG & 'FIL is pretty neat. The audio quality is very good.
Bill Cain Atlantic City, NJ

This is a great site, and brings back lots of memories!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Doug Michaels
WZZD, Philadelphia Air Talent

Finally a great site. Keep up the good work
Rick Bohs

Hey man, your site is real BOSS!!!!!!! Your sight is a STONE COLD GAS!!!! I think it's far better then my 8-track collection or my pet rock. Have a nice day !
Ron Rankine

Loved your pages. Keep up the good work.
Clarke Ingram
Program Director, WPXY, Rochester NY

I love the fact that you have established a much deserved Philly radio site. A great site it will be.
Michael Monti

I was just visiting your WIBG & WFIL radio website and was very impressed. Keep up the great work!
Michael H. Gallant

Your site looks sharp. I know we (wife:) have air checks and some pics, from 1968 & 1969. Will have her dig over the weekend. Good luck, and keep up the good work...The Duker
Duke Roberts
Former WIBG Air Personality

I applaud your efforts! this site is exactly what I'd like to have produced, but time isn't on my side it seems. You've done a great job, and I thank you. I have plenty of Wibbage/WFIL material to share, & will do so soon. I knew someone along the way would be the "Keeper of the flame".
Dave Skalish
KYW-AM Engineering

Nice to see that WFIL and WIBG still live in our hearts.
Mel Klawansky

GREAT stuff...thanks for keeping an exciting era in American broadcasting alive.
Mark Daniels
WFIL/WZZD Program Director

Great site!!!! As a 54 year old radio freak I was almost in tears listening to my beloved WIBG. I now understand why my Mom loves the music and personalities of WPEN, I especially love the early jingles. Keep up the good work. I am spreading the word.
Louis M. Skypala

wow---just found your site. see how out of touch I've been. very cool. Had it not been for WFIL, WIBG and yes, WIFI, I probably wouldn't have gotten into radio. Funny, never really worked in Philly, unless you count WAEB in allentown, WBCB in Levittown and WBUX in Doylestown. but, after Denver, San francisco, LA and San Diego--ended back close to my folks. Now, anchoring the news--afternoons on WABC. This site brings back so many memories--like the drive to the beach ---as a kid in the sixties listening to WIBG... I can still here Paul Revere and the Raiders and Indian reservation! I have some great stories to share--like being hauled off to a police station---as a teenager trying to visit WIBG. It was the transmitter site!!!! anyhow...thanks for the memories..and a great site.
George Weber
WABC Radio News

HI, thanks for the great memories. I grew up in Philadelphia in the 60's and especially appreciate the FIL stuff. By the way.. I would appreciate a mention on the site of my dad. He was Jack Mahoney, the GM of WIBG in the 50's... the man who let Joe Niagra put Rock and ROll on the air. My dad died in 1982. He was my hero and I would love to hear from anyone who worked at WIBG with him or knew him in Philadelphia radio and tv ( he also was at WPEN, WIP and WCAU-TV) thanks and keep up the great work
Dan Mahoney

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