General Info

The aircheck of the last day of WIBG was recorded by the Program Director of this site (Kris Earl Phillips) at my parent's home in King Of Prussia, PA (just outside of Philadelphia).

At some points (especially in the first clip) you will hear a lot of static.  This was due to my mother turning on a fluorescent light in the kitchen.   I MADE her turn it off!  I knew this was a piece of history that would never come around again and that most people would not think to record it.  As far as I know, no one has this much of the last day of WIBG.

The tape is scoped (the music is cut out so only the beginning and end of songs is heard).

The tape was made on a Radio Shack (ugh) reel-to-reel using that wonderful tape we all used  at one time or another, Realistic Concert tape ($1.99 for 1800 feet) and dubbed onto cassette.

Interesting note: the board (control board) was being run by Hy's son, Sam.

Things To Listen For

I hope you enjoy hearing this as much as I still do 20+ years later.