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In this section of the site, you will find collections that former WFIL or WIBG air personalities or people with EXTENSIVE collections of a particular personality have been kind enough to share with us.  Keep in mind, that they have given of THEIR time and THEIR materials so we could be able to enjoy their work and/or mementoes.  We are extremely grateful for their kindness and generosity.
  • 5/27/99:  Our first offering comes from Duke Roberts ; formerly of WIBG.

Duke was kind enough to call me the other day and we talked for about a half hour.  What a gentleman!  He told me some old Philadelphia (and other market) radio stories and was kind enough to send the following material so it could be shared with all.

  • 10/5/00: Our next collection comes from George Gilbert (a.k.a. "GG") also formerly of WIBG.

    Some EXCELLENT material here.  Some of it is taken from newspapers.  That makes for scanning problems.  We've done our best to keep everything intact although stitching images together is NOT easy!  A few lines may be hard to read but we felt the trade-off was well worth it to get as close as possible to preserving the original documents.

10/13/00 : Another new collection.  This time it's not from a former Philadelphia air personality, it's from Rich DePaoli , Currently VP at Broadcast Marketing Group in KC, who just happened to have these juicy little morsels from WFIL.

These vignettes ran when WFIL switched from Top 40 to AC (don't know the year) and produced by Tom Dooley.  Enjoy!

6/8/03: The Jack Roberts Collection

Another fine collection of WIBG material including the COVETED (at least by me it is) top of the hour Johnny Mann ID!  Also, a real WIBG program log and format sheets from 1969.  Cool!

Note: All of the following are in MP3 format.  They are fairly short and will download quickly, the quality is better than RealAudio and you can actually save them!



Joey Reynolds (01/12/14)

A TON of Joey Reynolds stuff from WFIL thanks to Kenneth Heffner!

Watch this space for more collections!

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