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Our first offering is the last hour and a half of WIBG.  The date was September 10, 1977.  We have broken the file up into 5 parts to decrease the download time (run times are listed in parenthesis the description).
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
with permission HyLitRadio.com
Bob Foster  #1   #2
Two airchecks from Bob, both from 1969.  You can REALLY hear the format at work when you listen to both.  The songs change but the 'breaks' are pretty much the same.  Thanks to Bruce Bonner for sharing them with us.
Last Happy Jack Show  (8:34)
Feb. 4, 1969.  Last 1/2 hour of Happy Jack before he returned to Pittsburgh.  His 'goodbye speech' at the the end must have given Paul Drew (who was consulting the station) a fit!  It ain't the typical Paul Drew 10 second break!

Joe Niagara from 8/13/62 (10:43)
Very rare tape. You won't many songs...that means there were TONS of commercials!
Mike Sherman/WIBG (7:10)
Actually, I think this tape is a "production room special".  However, the formatics are CLASSIC Drake.   Besides, it features my favorite WIBG jingle package.
John Records (truly IS his middle name) Landecker
Again, this one is done in 4 parts to make download time easier.  The first part is kind of disjointed but the other 3 are "straight-through".  A friend of mine recorded this tape.  You can hear the interference when he passes under bridges.
It was recorded during the "Autumn Rock Bonanza" (don't know what year)
Part I (11:34) Part II (10:31) Part III (6:31) Part IV (5:36)
Jerry Stevens 1/61
A classic look at pre-boss, pre-Drake/Drew WIBG formatics (or lack of them).  We left the cigarette commercials in just for nostalgia's sake!  (14:08)
Power Change around 1970
WIBG Power change from 50,000 to 10,000 watts
John Records Landecker's American Panorama 69-70?
Music is edited but includes ID, PSA and Promo.
Joey Reynolds/John Landecker 69-70?
Jock crossover from Reynolds to Landecker
WIBG 20 Years Later News (1970)
"Bit" from Ed Richards
Columbia School Of Broadcasting open/close
Bill Wright Sr. does the voiceover
The "All New" WIBG
This is from April 1976 (thanks to Scott Gibbons, OM of WKOX in Framingham, MA).

After hearing the jingles, I can see why the station went off the air a year and a half later!  They sound like they should have been on a "beautiful music" station.  There's one in the middle of the morning show that's about 6 seconds.  You won't even realize it's a jingle until it's almost over!

We've broken it up into 5 parts (corresponding to normal radio dayparts) to make it easier to listen to.

For your listening pleasure...the All New, WIBG!

Chuck Riley
Bill Gardner
Larry Dixon
The Magic Christian
Late Nights
Chuck Knapp
Bill Wright, Sr.
September means back to school.  And it also means 'The Rebel' is on WIBG.  From September 6, 1960.
Bob Gross
If you think the all-night show is a 'throw-away',think again while you listen to Bob Gross from January 20, 1971.
Don Cannon
A very short Don Cannon promo done by, who else?  Don himself.
WIBG Composite
Stations always put together a profile of what they sound like so agency types, who are not in the market, can hear what the station sounds like.  Here's one from April, 1977; just 5 months before WIBG signed off forever.
Tom Kent
From 1977, as always, 'TK' sounds GREAT!
Weather Sounder 01
Now's the time to read the weather!
Weather Sounder 02
Now's the time to read the weather...again!
Don Wade
From January 19, 1972.
Ed Richards
1971 found Ed Richards on WIBG.
Jerry Stevens
November 14, 1961.  You can tell that WIBG was really NOT geared toward a younger audience at this time (although they claimed to be).  LOTS of news, sports and COMMERCIALS!  And those jingles seemed to be longer than some of the songs!
Ray Gilmore
In 1968, Paul Drew was programming WIBG and you can hear the influence.  A jingle between every song and Ray reading jock liners.
WIBG Christmas/New Year's Greetings
In order: Don L. Brink, Ray Gilmore, Jerry Stevens, Joe Niagra, Bill Wright, Sr., Larry Justice & Hy Lit.
WIBG Year End Greetings & Promo for Dance Party Promos
1963 Year end greeting from all the jocks.  Ray Gilmore(?), News Promo Opener, Don L. Brink, Joe Niagra, Bill Wright, Sr., Jerry Stevens, Frank X. Feller & Hy Lit.
WIBG Promos from 1970
Hy Lit promos courtesy of HyLitRadio.com.
Bill Garner
Featuring newscast from Paul Howard.  1971
Bill Winters
Aircheck featuring Peter Jackson newscast.  1971
WIBG Greatest Giveaway
Promos for the 1973 WIBG Greatest Giveway...basically a ripoff of Jack McCoy's Last contest complete with the same background music!
Scott Walker Aircheck
From 1969.  He worked at WIBG twice.  See if you can figure out who he was the SECOND time he was at WIBBAGE.
John Records Landecker and Paul Revere
From 1971.  Landecker and Paul Revere (of the Raiders).  Not the best quality but it's Landecker!
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