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To our way of thinking, there were primarily 2 stations that made radio in Philadelphia what it was; WIBG and WFIL.

There were others, and they are represented on this site.   But for sheer competition and showmanship, The Big 99 and Famous 56 were the market leaders.

Philadelphia had some of the best radio in America (if not the world).   WIBG and WFIL's influence on most "Top 40" stations of the day was very apparent.

Of course, starting in 1966 (History of WFIL), WFIL made "The Pop Explosion" a household phrase in the Philadelphia area and was extremely inflential on other stations in other cities.

Last 3 Site Updates
Fomer WFIL Newscaster Alan Stone passed today

Added a bunch of WIBG surveys from 1958-1960 thanks to Dave Doering in our survey section.

Added more WFIL and WIBG surveys in our survey section.

Philadelphia was also the city where "American Bandstand" originated, making it very influential insofar as what music other stations around the country played.

The Talent
The "City of Brotherly Love" also had some of the best known talent in the business at one time or another.  See our Boss Jock Info page for a list of some of the "greats".

You can also get more WFIL info, airchecks
and jingles here. It's an excellent resource!

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